How to Convert Youtube to Mp3

Youtube Converters are in demand right now and are one of the most popular websites out there. However, many of us tend to go for YouTube to Mp3 converters to listen to our favorite songs or podcast on YouTube.

How to Convert YouTube to Mp3

Let’s get into YouTube to Mp3 Converters;

So folks, be careful of converting or downloading YouTube videos without appropriate permissions.

Now, you have the permission of the copyright owner and appropriate permissions to go over and download YouTube videos.

Let’s get into How to Convert YouTube to Mp3;

Youtube to Mp3

Here are the steps to convert YouTube to Mp3:

  • Head over to Google and Search for “YouTube Converter”
  • I use OnlineVideoConverter for converting YouTube videos when I have the appropriate permissions
  • Go ahead and Copy the URL of the Video from YouTube that you want to convert
  • Paste the URL in the Video Converter where it says “Video URL” in the placeholder text
  • Now Click “Convert” button and soon, after processing, it’ll show you some options to download the YouTube video.
  • Your video will now be downloaded in the format you had chosen

There you go, those were the steps to Convert and Download YouTube videos to Mp3 and now, you can enjoy them offline using your in-built Video/Mp3 Player to play the content you just downloaded with appropriate permissions.

YouTube Video Downloader Software

There are software for you to install in your native Operating System like Windows, macOS, Linux, etc. which you can install in your computer and download YouTube videos using the native software for your operating system.

Here are some of the YouTube Video Downloader Software to use:

1. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader - Convert YouTube to Mp3

4K Video Downloader is a well-known software in this category for downloading Youtube videos using a program in your Windows or macOS machines.

Just like in Online Converters, you can copy and paste the YouTube link to the software and convert it to audio files or video files with appropriate permission.

This comes very handy for people requiring to download Youtube videos often with permissions.

2. YouTube to MP3 Converter

YouTube to Mp3 Converter

Very straightforward software to be used to Download YouTube Videos and convert it to mp3.

You can download it to your Windows or Mac Computer and use it as a handy tool to download YouTube videos on your computer after acquiring appropriate permissions from the video owner/copyright holder.

Online YouTube Downloader

If you don’t want to download a software to your computer to be able to download youtube videos, you should consider the below listed Online YouTube video Converters to download content with appropriate permissions.

Here are some Online YouTube Video Converters:

1. Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter can be used to do a range of tasks from Converting Online Videos to Converting Video Files, recording videos, etc.

You can use this handy online tool to just paste your link and convert the video in a jiffy.

2. YtMp3 Video Converter

YtMp3 Video Converter

YtMp3 is a very popular video converting service. It also has a very simple interface. Just paste the link into the box and click “Convert” and you’re done.

Make sure you have the appropriate permissions before downloading or converting any YouTube video.

How to Download YouTube Videos Legally?

Well, there’s a way to download YouTube music Videos legally without having to mess around with Copyright Holders or Video Owners.

Here is how to Download YouTube Videos Legally:

YouTube Music

It’s simple. YouTube has it’s own YouTube Downloader to Mp3!

I mean to say, YouTube Music!

YouTube Music

You can easily get a subscription for your account and download as much YouTube music as you want and use them offline without having to take the hassle of attaining the permission of copyright holders. Just get a subscription and keep downloading!

You can view the Plans and Get a Subscription using this Link.

Is it allowed to Convert YouTube to Mp3?

Well, sometimes. But, let me tell you that Google has also stated in their policies that you are not allowed to copy YouTube videos without explicit permission from the copyright owner. To be specific, You cannot convert and Download YouTube videos without the user’s permission.

How to Download Songs from Youtube?

It’s easy. But make sure you have all the rights to do so and head on to YouTube Music. Just Get a Subscription on YouTube Music and enjoy listening to all the songs on YouTube that you want. Alternatively, you can also use YouTube Converters to download Youtube videos using link online but make sure you have all the rights to download that video.

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