5 Work from Home Tips to Increase Productivity

Work from home for some remote jobs and domains was prevalent for a long time and is normal for some people.

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But with the spread of the novel coronavirus, almost all companies and organizations have recommended it and some have made it mandatory for all their employees to work from home.

Read more about the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This type of work model may be advantageous for some as there is no such need to commute and they can work at the comfort of their homes.

Well, on the other hand, efficient work from home and staying productive during those work hours is a difficult job.

So, I’ll be discussing some best tips for working from home so that you can be at your best while working remotely and maintaining the perfect work-life balance. Let’s get into our 5 Work from Home tips.

1. Choose A Designated and Organized Space

Take a moment and decide calmly which could possibly be the perfect spot in your home where you can work.

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Make sure that the place you choose is well separated from other parts of your house to avoid chaos and any interruption.

Organize your desk and make it well-lit to serve as your “office” and sit on a chair which keeps your back straight and gives it a good support, since work can stretch up for long hours ;).

Make the door act as a boundary between your work-life environment and don’t hesitate to let your family know that it’s work time!

2. Schedule All Parts of Your Day

Schedule your day the night before and work accordingly the whole day.

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Assign all your work judiciously and make your routine in the following order –

  • Your Morning Routine
  • Your Work Hours
  • Your Break Time
  • Your Workout Time
  • Your Time with Your Family
  •  Your Personal Time

Try sticking to your routine to avoid any wastage of time. Also, procrastination isn’t too good, is it? End your day with a positive mind-set followed by a good and long sleep.

PS: Don’t get too anxious and strained though! A stress-free mind is the key to a productive day.

3. Effective Communication

“Effective leadership begins with effective communication.”

Effective communication with colleagues and team members is very important to coordinate tasks and work as a team.

working from home tips for success

Make the most use out of technology and use apps and software meant for team collaboration and communication such as slack and campfire, or for instant messaging and video conferencing be it WhatsApp, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Hangouts.

If you are new to a platform, it’s always advisable to figure out and try the application before using it to avoid technical errors.

Stick to deadlines and bond with your workmates over time even if you cannot meet them in person.

Always a good idea to make your team feel comfortable with the work from home environment.

4. Take Breaks

No one can work efficiently without adequate breaks in between.

tips for working from home effectively

Decide when you want to take breaks and set alarms on your phone on the basis of time intervals to bring your mind to a relax mode where you stay away from the computer screen, avoid phone calls and work.

Use that time to bond with family or ping up your friends whom you otherwise don’t get much time to talk to.

Do not sit for long hours in front of your laptop since it strains your eyes too much.

Make sure to give enough rest to your eyes and your spine (sitting for long hours at the same place can give terrible backaches).

5. Don’t forget your personal time!

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Well, this is applicable for adults too!

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While work is necessary, it is also important that you invest time in yourself. Utilize this time to do something you love. It can be art, dancing, or even music.

Workout or do yoga to keep yourself fit. You can indulge in your favourite food or desserts, pamper yourself. Take a while to just sit by a window or in your balcony with a steaming cup of coffee or tea to reflect on your thoughts, clear your mind and appreciate the outside view.

“Take time to do what makes your soul happy.”

With these five tips in hand, there’s no stopping you from your home- bound endeavours!

It is understood that the COVID-19 Pandemic isn’t an ideal situation for your work environment.

However, an efficient and diligent worker is he who can make the best out of any situation. So enjoy “working from home”!

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