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How to use Word Counter?

Word Counter online is a very simple tool, but with loaded features and ease of use. It’s a convenient text counter tool for use by a range of professionals.

To use Word Counter, simply start typing into the box provided above. Or, if you’ve written down the text somewhere else, you could simply copy that and paste it into the box. The values would update instantly and you would be able to see the details of your text below. 

You can keep on editing the text on this page until you have satisfied your word limit by using the word counter tool.

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Why use an Online Word Count Tool?

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Counting words in an essay is time-consuming, and also, it’s a lot more prone to errors. With that said, I’ve covered the biggest reason to use our online word counter tool.

However, it is a very convenient tool for you to go ahead and just copy paste your text in our tool to get your word count, or character count. If your document is lengthy, then you will find out tool to do its best work, find out the Reading Time of a paragraph taking into consideration many factors of a reader. 

Really, give this tool a try and come back again with a smile, having saved precious time using an online word count tool and giving that time to your other tasks. Maybe, get a coffee?

Why this Word Counter?

Well, the answer is simple. And straightforward. This tool is built for ease of use. Say, you accidentally closed this tab while working on an important essay within the word limit checker. What do you do? Did you lose all your precious work?

No! Come back to this website, go to the Word Counter tool and there you go. All your work — ready to go.

The Word Counter tool saves each character you type. Hence, almost fool-proofing any “Oops, I closed the tab” moments. You don’t even have to worry about privacy. All your work is saved on your browser and not on our servers!

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