Samsung Galaxy Fold Launching on 1st October

The Samsung Galaxy Fold marked a revolution in Smartphones this year. Among the iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has been a revolutionary phone with its unique folding design. This design is resembled by a butterfly, which is the device’s wallpaper in Samsung‘s Commercials.

According to reports, Samsung is planning on bringing the Samsung Galaxy Fold to India on 1st October.

This will mark a revolutionary step towards evolving of smartphones. Just like Samsung had released the Note Edge at first which has evolved to be such a great edge phone in the S series, this device might be the start to a big revolution. It features a folding device which when folded up, can show up the screen on top of the folding panel. When opened, it turns into a very big screen (7.3-inch) which is enough to be called a tablet.

It was called back and pre-orders were cancelled. However, it has now returned with greater fixes and improvements. It performs very well and has a great camera, as can be expected by Samsung.

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Rishav Kumar
Rishav Kumar

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