Hosting Checker Featured Product on ProductHunt

After a Grand Launch on ProductHunt, Hosting Checker quickly climbed up to become the #7 Trending Product on 6th of July, 2020. I absolutely loved it and seeing the live traffic on the page was like a dream!

Hosting Checker is now officially a Featured Product on ProductHunt and it was sent to all ProductHunt newsletter subscribers as a featured product.

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Update: Version 1.1 of Hosting Checker

The Hosting Checker has been finally updated to its latest version and the version 1.1 has been released publicly for our users. 

You will now be able to access more information than before including the Contact Details of the Hosting Provider in the results. This feature was suggested by Sara from Gathering Dreams Blog. The Hosting Checker now finds you the contact details of the Hosting Provider which is required for a large number of people as a feature in this tool. All this extra information in the results, while maintaining the same fast speed of being 82% Faster than our competitors. Also fixed some known bugs.

Releasing Version 1.0 of Hosting Checker


We are very happy to announce the release of our First Product of our Tools Suite, the Hosting Checker.

Today, we are releasing the version 1.0 of our Hosting Checker tool which is a very happy moment for us to unveil the tool to the world and help developers and aspiring bloggers to find the hosting provider of their favourite website. To make it even better, we have included the feature to view in which location the website is hosted so that our users can also decide on their hosting location for their next website / web project. But the Best Part? It is 82% Faster than any other tool on the web. Here is a quick look into our speed VS our competitor’s speed.

Our Hosting Checker’s Speed

hosting checker release - our speed

Competitor’s Speed

hosting checker release

If you will notice, both of the Tests have been conducted by analysing the same domain on our Hosting Checker and our Competitor’s. Both the domains are “” which is hosted on Twitter, Inc. Our Tool shows a massive 82% Faster Results than our competitor.

The first version of the Hosting Checker includes the ability to view a website’s Hosting Provider, IP Address and the location in which the website’s server computers are located. We tried to keep the tool as focused as possible on the user experience and have made it faster than other tools on the web. We have also limited ourselves to very specific information that the user will be usually looking for when they search for a tool of this kind.

Be sure to check it out and let us know how you like the super fast tool to check who is hosting any website. We’d love to hear your responses on the same.