How to Point a Domain To Your Hosting Account

Buying a Domain of your own is a crucial part of starting your blog. You should set up a brand of yourself first. This means that depending on subdomains like or is not a good option anymore if you’re seriously starting to blog.

Point Domain to Hosting

If you are confused about Domain providers, read this guide on How to Choose the Best Domain Registrar.

So, in this article we are going to cover how you can point your newly purchased domain to your hosting account so that the domain can successfully resolve into your website and load the content to your users.


By reading the following part of the article, I assume that you already have:

  1. A Domain Name
  2. A Hosting account

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Point Domain to Hosting

Now comes the important part, pointing the domain to the hosting provider so that whenever someone visits your website, it leads them to your website and this is what is called a domain to resolve into your website successfully.

Let us see how we can point domain to hosting.

First of all, after you buy a domain name you will see that you have been provided a space to enter “Nameservers” or “NS”. After you find this space, navigate to your cPanel of your Hosting Account.

The Demo Images I am showing is based on my Domain Registrar “NameCheap” and my Hosting Provider “SiteGround Hosting“.

Siteground Nameservers
SiteGround Name Servers (Check yours, may be different)

After you find the details of your Name server from your Hosting Account, copy them.

Paste them into the Name Server space provided by your Domain Registrar, as shown in the image below.

Edit Namecheap Nameserver
NameCheap Name Server Editing Space

Enter your name servers in the space provided, if your hosting provider has more than 2 name servers, add them using the “Add Nameserver” option inside your domain registrar’s panel.

Note: Please wait for the Domain Propagation to take place. It can take up to even 48 hours for the domain to propagate. However in my experience it does not take so much time usually but it can definitely take up some good amount of time sometimes. DNS Propagation is the process where servers all over the world take notice that your domain’s nameservers have changed and they take time to update these values.

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