Why Our Lives are Getting Better and Worse Day by Day

Save our Environment from Pollution
Our Environment is Beautiful, Don’t Let it Die.

As a social human being, you’re sure to have heard two types of opinions from your friends. The most common conversation you’ll have is either “Our World has evolved so much and technology is expanding the world every day” or “What have the people done to our Earth! Excess Industrialisation has led to this day that our Earth is in such a condition”.

Well, you might not have thought about this but, the answer to it is somewhere in between. Both of the statements are true but at the cost of the Earth’s harm which has a greater effect than being more updated with the latest technologies.

The Rise of Industrialisation

The industrialization has been the factor concerning two things the most, both in a good and bad way. First, it is improving the way we live today, on the other hand, it is destroying the way we live tomorrow.

Now, don’t get this wrong. I don’t mean to say that we should not industrialize. I mean that we should do so at such a rate and way that it should not do harm to our environment, or, at least does less harm to the environment.

There have been countless inventions of ways to do this and all of them have been successful so far, like the Green Building. These concepts that are coming up are so impactful, but in comparison to the total amount of pollution, they’re not. We should become more careful about this and do our part to keep up our environment and tomorrow.

The Better Half

There’s nothing to say about a better half among these two. Both industrializations is needed to grow and improve the world we live in today and also, it is required to conserve those resources and environment that lets you industrialize.


Let me know about your thoughts and what we can do, for a change. I’m planning to increase awareness by running a scheduled blog post under this category regularly. Also, let me know if you’d like to contribute to these posts. I’d be more than glad to give you an opportunity!

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