Jailbreak iOS : Should You JailBreak Your iOS Device? – iOS 13 Jailbreak Released

You probably have looked into what’s Jailbreaking if you’re an iOS User. Well, let me tell you right from the beginning, Jailbreaking is not Safe at all and the phone’s responsibility comes to you fully so you won’t be expecting a Smiling Face at the Apple Store when you go for a repair.

What is Jailbreaking?

It’s not something literal. It means breaking out of the securities that Apple provides built into your device. If you jailbreak, you’ll be able to use a ton of extra features, but in exchange for your device’s security. Moreover, you have to control the device manually rather than expecting Apple to fix everything you messed up while jailbreaking.

However, Jailbreak provides you a lot of opportunities to use your iPhone’s full potential by downloading many apps and features that you might not get using the Normal version of iOS.

Jailbreaking your device can do more harm than good, and, if you aren’t able to control your device completely, then I completely won’t recommend you to Jailbreak. Personally, none of my devices are jailbroken and I’m quite happy using the Developer Beta Builds which provide more access to the newer features the company is launching every year. However, you need to get a Beta Program/Developer Program Subscription from Apple for doing that.

Conclusion & Disadvantages

You should not experiment with this Jailbreak thing and maybe you should opt for the Betas if you want to get newer features. A BIG DISADVANTAGE is that you are not going to get the latest update from Apple until and unless a Jailbroken version of that is released into the market. So, better stay away from it!

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