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How to Grow Your Instagram Followers Growth Hack
Instagram Growth Hacking

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users, which is quite a lot! Getting attention in this kind of platform is very difficult, as you might think. But is it, really? Let’s look at the best ways to grow your Instagram Followers Easily.

1. Produce Quality Content

People will never follow you if your Instagram Account looks bad. At least, don’t fill it with Low-Quality Content which nobody would see. Think of a situation where you’re browsing Instagram (or any other social media) and you see all crap scrolling through your feed. Would you like that? No. No one would. So, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to Create Quality Content which people would love to see on their feed because no one would ruin their feed with crappy content.

Also, if you’re worried about you having NO DSLRs, come one! Phones today are so capable of creating quality content. Go out with your phone and click some great pictures, most people won’t even understand that you took it with your Phone!

2. Use #Hashtags on your Instagram Posts

You have most probably seen these words with a # before them written under posts. These are called Hashtags and they begin with a # followed by the word. Suppose you’re posting content on iPhones, you’ll want to use #iPhone #iOS, etc. under your post. This improves the visibility of your post on Instagram. People interested in iPhones will get to discover your content easily.

3. Geotagging your Posts

When you’re clicking a picture on a location, use Geotags. It is basically the location where the photo was taken. Instagram has the feature to post the location on top of the post. It’s very easy and people visiting the same location or interested in it will be able to find your content easily.

4. Like Photos of your Interest

Start liking posts that have the same niche as yours and you’ll see that eventually, people come from there to your account and also start discovering your content more. Your Content becomes famous in that niche when you do this and it happens so at an organic rate.

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Rishav Kumar
Rishav Kumar

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3 thoughts on “4 Ways to Boost Instagram Followers | Growth Hack

  1. Hi Rishav, Thanks for these great tips. I totally agree that Quality Content is the most important thing when it comes to increasing followers. People today appreciate vivid colors and clear photos, and Instagram is all about the visuals. Give your followers something to talk about. if your content is great, the followers are going to like, share, and comment on your posts.

    You can catapult your Instagram presence by sharing your account on other platforms. you can also advertise the content on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Join different groups and communities to share your content.

    Consistency also plays an important role in gaining new followers. It not only helps in increasing followers but also helps in retaining the old ones. But, some people, in posting consistently, compromise on the quality of the content which takes them on the wrong path. Take your time but always create top-notch content.

    Running giveaway contests, positive engagement, Collaboration with other successful Instagrammer or reaching out to different bloggers and convincing them to include your content on their pages are some other strategies that can be used to increase Instagram followers.

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    I really enjoyed reading your post. It’s informative, interesting and I have certainly learned a thing or two. Thanks!

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