Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates – Netflix Series

Bill Gates has been that inspiring character for most of the Tech Entrepreneurs today. He has been their idol and his way of work and passion towards Computers has led him to come at this stage. Netflix recently announced a documentary outlining Bill’s life, which is a very nice initiative. They have released its trailer online :

This documentary is directed by Davis Guggenheim who is a well known American Film Director. Inside Bill’s Brain is a very unique web series which contains 3 parts and discusses how Bill’s mind works. Bill Gates has ever been the Tech Revolutionary and has brought in many Revolutions in the field of technology, from the very first Windows Software, on which millions of apps and businesses are dependent today. Bill Gates, in his Blog Gates Notes, shared his experience while filming the documentary and acknowledged the Hard Work put in. It is indeed a very inspiring documentary you can watch, now out on Netflix.

This Netflix series is one of the most inspiring and very mindful documentaries which has to be watched by people. The way that the documentary is represented is very unique and of course, knowing Bill Gates’ mind is an opportunity everyone wants to grab!

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Rishav Kumar
Rishav Kumar

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