Image Compressor Tool

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Why Reduce Images Size?

This is a question often asked. What is the use of this tool? Who would want to lower the quality of their images?

Well, if you’re a website owner, then you know. Images that take forever to load are not a good signal for your visitors because they want everything to be fast. That’s where Image Compressor Tool comes in. It lowers the stress of your server and gives users a faster experience by compressing the image to reduce images size. Once done, you’ll notice a very significant drop in your site loading time, and a significant growth of your user base.

image compressor

How Image Compressor Works?

online image compressor

When you choose a file and press Upload & Compress, our server first registers the upload and runs it through optimisation. It removes unneeded chunks, and provides lossless image compression for most of the uploads. If you require a smaller percentage of quality, then the server tries to make it as lossless as possible while retaining the size that you wanted.

Image Compressor is free for use by anyone, and allows compressing as many images as you want, with as many compressions per minute as you want. It’s all up to you!

Is Image Compressor Free?

Image Compressor is a completely free product. We encourage users to get their work done as fast as possible, with as much accuracy as possible, without worrying about the costs. We take care of all the server responsibilities.

That is why, we recommend uploading images of up to 5MB in size in order to keep this service free for all users by reducing server load. Our goal here is to do as much as possible, with as less as possible. So, we’ve optimised our code to be as less stressful as possible for the server and hence, we are confident that we’d be able to keep the service free. 

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