How to Get Approval For Google AdSense Easily

Google has an Approval Process which you’ve to go through before you can show Ads from Google AdSense on your awesome Blog or Website! You’re very lucky to have been Choosing Google AdSense and Earning a Living from it! Google Makes it very easy for even Non-Programmers to integrate Google AdSense Advertisements into their website/blog. You can have a look at this article to increase google adsense earnings.

How long does it take to get approved for Google AdSense?

It usually will take you around 24-48 hours. In some cases, it might take way longer. Let’s see how to earn money online with google.

It is all just Copy/Paste Work and Following Google’s Instructions. So Today, We will go through some points with which getting a Google AdSense Approval will be a fairytale for you! Just a random point, youtube adsense is much easier to get approved if you have a good audience. Don’t go into google adwords login, it is different than adsense login. You can also get the app on Android or iOS. Check out how to get google adsense.

You can Look at some Google AdSense Alternatives here if you want to use some other network instead of Google AdSense. In AdSense’s Context, one of the most commonly asked questions is :

How do I get approved for Google AdSense?

We’ll cover this in my article.

Let’s see how to get google adsense approval.

1. Write Content, Get some Value for Google AdSense Approval!

Writing Content on your website/blog is the first main factor that Google AdSense Approval looks into. No matter which language your website is in, Google AdSense will look into the quality and the visitor value that your website holds. This will determine whether your site is an original Website and provides value to users or not. This is determined by tools and metrics. You should take into account a Lower Bounce Rate, Higher Visitors (this doesn’t matter much, but it is better to keep this in mind). These factors also affect your Google AdSense Earnings at the end of the day. If you’re wondering to start a blog, check out how to start a blog and make money on my website.

2. Get an Awesome Theme and Design your Website/Blog!

This might not be taken by you as important. But, trust me, it is one of the most important metrics that Google looks at while reviewing your request for an Approval. Use themes and templates and play around with the customization and make a cool and smart looking design for your website. BUT, don’t over-optimize, and make sure that you optimize for your readers and make the text easier to read. Design your website such that it becomes easy for people to look at it. If you design it in a very fancy manner, it won’t be easy for viewers to look and read text on your website so as a result, they’ll bounce off from your website which in turn increases your Bounce Rate. You also have to have a good knowledge on how to write a blog which can increase your SEO. You should’nt browse into google adwords login, make sure you go into google adsense login as both of them are different.

A WordPress Theme

3. You’re Done!

Now, go ahead and apply for AdSense and paste the code into your website as instructed, you’ll get the Google AdSense Approval Easily!

If you’re planning to make money on google adsense, blogger will also be a good choice as is by google and google adsense login has partnered with it. It’ll be easy for you to get google adsense approval in that way.

Also, please make sure to use google adsense sign up. Don’t use google adwords sign up.

Thanks for reading this article, let me know in the comments section below about your thoughts. I’d love to read them! Do check out some other awesome articles on our website here.

Is AdSense the same as AdWords?

No, google adwords sign up or google adsense login provides you a method to advertise your own brand. Whereas, google adsense sign up or google adsense login helps you advertise on your own website/app (google admob).

Which is better AdMob or AdSense?

Google AdSense and Google AdMob are different products. admob sign in or admob sign up is used for apps whereas google adsense login or google adsense sign up is used for websites and youtube.

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