How to Design Attractive Thumbnails for your Blog / Website

Thumbnail is the main attraction of a blog/website. Nowadays, most of the visitors only focus on thumbnail rather than reading headings. And that why attractive thumbnails making are essential for a blog.

How to Make Thumbnails

First and foremost is, choosing a picture for thumbnail, secondly finding an illustration for attraction, later on, attractive text wording and at last giving a watermark.

How to get a good Background Picture? The background picture is the main attraction in the first look. But most of the professional artists suggest choosing a plain color picture, which indicates minimal look and also applies a good effect.

Moreover using digital picture also have importance, but generally, such type of pictures are paid.  

So, to find Copyright free Pictures Follow these steps:-  

There are many websites providing copyright-free images for Attractive Thumbnail Making, some of these websites are:

In, you can browse and use their copyright picture for free.  

Online Tools for Editing

These are some tools for Editing online and making great thumbnails.


Many of the websites of the online tools are proving service to edit pictures for free. And CANVA.COM came in the first position because most professional tools are free on this website. And also you can get 100% copyright free background pictures.

CANVA is Also available for Android and iOS platforms.  


Also, leading online tools websites named as ILoveIMG, designed only for images. They don’t require registration and extra fees for editing, everything is free on this website, we can create and edit attractive thumbnail.

And also there are many other tools like image compression tools etcetera.      

How to Choose Perfect Font for Text?  

Deciding perfect fonts for written text on thumbnail is also very important. Use Fonts like Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Verdana, Tahoma etcetera. One-color of all text (Avoid Multi-colors).

Use Arial Fonts for the proper understanding of words. Choose the Perfect size of text, that will visible easily.   Helps Like Backlinks   If you create a powerful and attractive thumbnail.

And publish your post according to the webmaster, which automatically indexes your thumbnail in Google Images that attracts more organic visitors to your website only by an attractive thumbnail.

Illustration or Vector Art   Generally, small icons converted into vector picture which looks like a digital picture, basically made by professional software like photoshop.

But good thing is that such types of vector images are easily available on google. You can search according to your demand and download them in transparent form and can use it in your picture.  

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