How to Convert PNG to PDF for Free

Sometimes, it is required that a PNG file be converted to PDF for purposes like submitting these files online when they don’t accept PNG files. There is an easy fix out of this and after this tutorial on How to Convert PNG to PDF, you won’t believe that this process was so easy.

How to Convert PNG to PDF
How to Convert PNG to PDF

Let’s see How to Convert PNG to PDF.

How to Convert PNG to PDF

There are a ton of ways you can convert PNG to PDF. Let me show you two of the easiest ways to do so either Online or Offline.

The two methods shown in this article are Convert PNG to PDF Online and Convert PNG to PDF on App Offline on your Computer.

Let’s see how to convert PNG to PDF.

PRO Tip: Offline Converters are always safer for your files because you don’t actually have to upload your files to another website’s servers. If you want to use an Offline PNG to PDF Converter which is a safer option to consider, try using StarzSoft PNG to PDF Converter.

Convert PNG to PDF Online

There are a few apps online that are very useful to convert PNG to PDF online. Let me show you a few of them to use. I use these tools personally and find them very helpful in Converting PNG to PDF Online.

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Png2Pdf is an awesome lightweight online tool that you can use to convert pdf to png online. Use this website and just drop your files and press on the convert button. You will find an awesome PDF file ready for you in the downloads.

How to Convert PNG to PDF

2. SmallPDF

SmallPDF is an awesome tool supporting many file conversions and not only PNG to PDF. You can use this tool to convert any of your PDF files and moreover, what is awesome about this tool is it is online and you don’t need to download any application to convert png to pdf.

How to Convert PNG to PDF

3. GorillaPDF

GorillaPDF is a new online pdf converter, that’s promising with 5 services so far and counting, and one of the apps you can find is PNG to PDF converter.

What I like in this converter is the logo, its speed, and of course free to use for unlimited times.

Convert PNG to PDF with Software

There are many applications on Windows and macOS platforms that can help you with converting png to pdf offline on your computer. Let’s see some of the best PNG to PDF Converter Applications.

1. FoxPDF

FoxPDF is an offline tool for your computer that you can download and use to convert PNG to PDF free and also, without losing any quality which is a plus point for a conversion process.

Free PNG to PDF Converter

2. Free PNG to PDF Converter

Free PNG to PDF Converter is an Offline PNG to PDF Conversion tool which is available for free. You can download it from their website and can convert png to pdf for free. It is an amazing tool to have in your computer which will help a lot in any work that you might have.

Free PNG to PDF Converter

These are some of the best PNG to PDF converters that are available both Offline and Online. I have listed down some of my favourite go-to tools for converting png to pdf for free online and offline.

You can try out these tools by clicking on their names above, I have linked the tools on their headings for it to be easier for you to check them out.

How do I convert a PNG to a PDF?

It’s easy. Just follow the above steps in this article and you will be able to convert png to pdf in 2 minutes, either offline or Online.

Can you convert a PNG file to a PDF?

Yes, you can. To Convert a PNG File to a PDF File, use the above given steps and you will be able to convert a png file to pdf in very less time and easily, either Online or Offline.

Is a PNG the same as a PDF?

No. PNG and PDF are two different files but you can convert PNG to PDF and also, PDF to PNG.

How do I combine multiple PNGs into one PDF?

Use the tool PNG2PDF and you will be able to combine multiple PNGs into One PDF File Instantly, Easily and for Free.

How do I convert PNG to PDF in Windows?

Use FoxPDF or Free PNG to PDF Converter and Install it on your Windows computer to do so. You can also use PNG2PDF or other such online tools listed in this article to convert PNG to PDF without downloading any software, completely online.

How do I convert PNG to PDF in Mac?

Use Online Converters like PNG2PDF and convert PNG to PDF on Mac. You can easily do so by uploading the PNG and downloading it as a PDF. This is helpful in places where you need to upload a PNG but the options are limited to PDF.

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    Thank you for such an informative article. There is one more tool I can recommend as one of the best converters I’ve ever used It’s a free app that is extremely simple to use. You just need to upload your png file and download its pdf version. Moreover, the options of this converter are not limited to png\pdf conversion. You can use it with many other formats of files like jpg, svg, and even webp.

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      Thanks, and that’s a great tool there, Daniel 🙂

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