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How to Check Website Hosting?

Hosting Checker is a great tool to check website hosting for free, in just a second. You can use our tool for completely free and obtain results like Hosting Checker, Company, Datacenter Location, IP Address of the Host and most importantly, the contact details so that it may be easier for you to contact the host of website if need be. Hosting Checker will solve these problems for you for free. 

Here is how you can use Hosting Checker

Step 1: Scroll above or go to Hosting Checker tool.

Step 2: Enter a Domain Name who you want to use Hosting Checker for. Click “Check Host” or Press Enter.

Step 3: As Hosting Checker is the fastest tool, it will give you the results of Who is Hosting This Website, IP Address, Datacenter Location and Contact Details of the host in a matter of seconds. All the details, in one place at Hosting Checker.


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If you are just starting out on your website, blog or web project, Hosting Checker’s #1 Advice for Beginners would be to use BlueHost. It offers every tool to help you through the basics and eventually, you will also get to use the advanced features. BlueHost is easily scalable so you will not have to worry about traffic management. Perks, BlueHost will offer you a 70% Discount and a Free Domain Name if you sign up using this Special Offer Link.

What People Say

Hosting Checker is a handy tool to instantly know the actual hosting provider of any website. It works really well, 82% faster than it's competitors.
I Love Free Software
Writer at
Hosting Checker solves a common issue – a client wants you to work on their website, but has no idea who hosts it.
Web Designer Depot
Carrie Cousins
Writer at
I think Hosting Checker is great! I just tested it a few times and I love the addition of the contact details! I think it sets it apart from a lot of competition!
Sara Trezzi at Gathering Dreams Blog
Sara Trezzi
Blogger at

Web Hosting Checker

Web Hosting Checker is such a tool that allows you to know where a website is hosted, it’s location, you can find out the Hosting Provider and their Contact details of Hosting Provider with our tool. 

Our Hosting Lookup tool (Hosting Checker) is all about Accuracy and Speed. We don’t want our users to wait for some time to get the results, we deliver most results within an average 1.5 seconds, which is 82% Faster than other tools.


Officially Recommended by WordPress


#1 Recommended WordPress Hosting

Hosting Checker tool by Rishav Apps is developed and shared with the world for our users to choose the best hosting for their next web project/app. This Hosting Checker validates your domain and tells you on which Hosting Provider’s account it is hosted on. 

This Hosting Finder tool will aggregate data and let you know the Hosting Provider, IP Address, Location and Contact Details of the Host Company.

How to Buy Hosting using Hosting Checker?

Hosting Checker evaluates your domain name to find out where is it hosted and it’s IP Address, including the perks of finding out the Location of its Datacenter and the Contact Details of the Host. This helps our users to be more accurate in their workflow and being the fastest tool, we strive to provide the best results within the shortest time possible and a very readable and self-explanatory panel that includes all the details of the domain name in a very understandable manner.

Buying a Hosting is a crucial step to start a blog. When you buy a hosting, you have to make sure that you are choosing the right one for your needs or else you might suffer in the long run if you end up with the wrong host that doesn’t align with the needs of your domain name. If security is a big issue for you then using CloudFlare will mask your IP Address of your Hosting Provider’s datacenter location.

As a beginner, Hosting Checker’s #1 Recommendation would be BlueHost. BlueHost offers a wide variety of tools for beginners to use and get acquainted with the Platform and then you can go for advanced features too. It allows easy scaling so it should not be a problem when you upgrade. Perks, it offers a Free Domain Name if you sign up using this Special Offer Link from Hosting Checker.


Officially Recommended by WordPress

Who hosts this website?

This web application is developed by Rishav Kumar, a developer at Rishav Apps and we have given our best to this app for our users to be able to choose the best hosting for them. We will keep on updating our database to make sure all content and the application is up to date. 

Our Hosting Checker is the Fastest tool to find hosting of website and check website hosting for you to show you the exact name of the hosting company.

We were Featured by ProductHunt on the 6th of July, 2020 on their Homepage, Social Media Accounts and their Official Newsletter.

Our Hosting Checker tool is better than whois because you can check your domain name and then find out the exact details that you want to and that you were looking for the Hosting Check of that domain name. We give you the exact results you wanted to see about your domain name and that too, very fast. 

We don’t want you to wait or get confused so we have omitted any unnecessary results or details that you won’t want about your domain name and have stayed to the point to what our users look about in their domain hosting checker.

Thank you for using this website, we’re sure you’d want to explore more at our Blog.

Hosting Checker's Reviews & Guides

We have a lot of content on our Blog focusing on people wanting to start their journey on Blogging and Development. We have tutorials, guides and Hosting Reviews on our Blog which you might be interested to check out. 

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