How to Get Google Search Bar Back on Android Screen?

If you have an Android phone, you should be quite familiar with the search bar that is present on the home screen of your android phone.

How to Get Google Search Bar Back on Android
How to Get Google Search Bar Back on Android

However, we are always in a hurry and sometimes, we lose this search bar by tapping elsewhere we didn’t want to and the convenient Google Search Bar gets removed from the Home screen.

But don’t you worry! There’s an easy fix for this as your Google Search Bar has not permanently gone away. In this article, we will show you how to get Google Search Bar Back on Android Screen.

Google Search Bar on Home Screen

Now, we will show you the different ways in which you can bring back the Google Search Bar missing on your home screen. You can easily fix the Google Search Bar missing with the Google App. Let’s see how to do this.

If you accidentally deleted the Google Search App, you can easily install it from Google Play Store. However, the Google Search App is available on your Android phone by default. So, you can have a check before installing the app by searching for the Google Search App on your Android Phone.

The Google Search App has a Widget that is available in your Android Phone’s widget section. The Google Search Bar Widget is available in that widget section. To install the widget, go to your Android home screen and long-press on it, you will see a greyed out screen appear.

Google Search Bar
Google Search Bar

Click on the ‘Widgets’ option and it will display you a list of available widgets on your phone. From there, select the Google Search Bar Widget and select ‘Add to Home screen’. Now you will see the Google Search Bar missing widget will again appear on the home screen.

You can toggle its position normally, just press and hold on the Google Search bar widget and move it to wherever you are convenient for it to be in.

Google Search Bar on Home Screen using Google Chrome

For people who are not interested in downloading the Google Search App, you can easily get the Google Search Widget using the Google Chrome App on your Android Phone.

To do so, just long-press on the Android Home screen and go to the Widgets Section. Here, if you have Google Chrome installed on your Android Phone (which is installed by default), you will see a Google Search Box widget on the Google Chrome Section.

Using this widget, you will be able to directly launch Google Chrome from the Google Search Box Widget on your Android Home Screen.

Google Now Launcher Android

Google Now Launcher is an extremely popular Android Launcher App among users and provides various other features other than the Google Search Bar.

To use this, search for Google Now Launcher on Google and you would have to use an unofficial version of this app as it is not being continued by Google anymore.

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Whichever version of Google Now Launcher you’re using, make sure that you’re permitted to do so and you’re using a legitimate version of the app.

Get Google Searchbar Back on Android Screen

If you do a lot of browsing, Google Search Bar is a very convenient option to search for things on Google directly from your Android Home Screen. While you might have deleted the widget accidentally from your Home Screen, you can easily get it back using the given steps in this article.

Using the Google Now Launcher, you can have a lot more features than your traditional android home screen. However, if you want to use Google Search Bar with your Traditional Android Home Screen, you can easily do that using the Widgets Feature of Android.

How do I get my search bar back?

To get your Google Search Bar back, Long Press on your Home Screen and select ‘Widgets’ Tab. Here you will find the widget. Simply Tap it to restore it on your Android Home Screen.

How do I remove the search bar from my home screen?

To remove the Google Search Bar from your Android Home Screen, Long Press on the Widget and it will show you some options. Select ‘Remove from Homescreen’ option and the widget will be deleted from the Home screen. To restore it back, follow the steps shown above.

How do I delete Google search bar history?

To delete your Google Search Bar History, you have to delete your Google Browser’s history as both of these work together. Whatever you search on the Google Search Bar goes to your Google Browser app. So, to delete your history, go to Settings and Click History and then select “Clear Browsing Data”. This will clear your Browsing Data as per the options that you had selected.

Is Google Now Launcher APK available?

Unofficial APKs of Google Now Launcher is still available on certain website. However, the App is not being supported by Google anymore.

What is the Chrome Search Bar?

The Chrome Search Bar is a widget that will be available on your home screen by default on Android Devices. This is a convenient option and you can directly search on Google using the Google Search Bar or the Chrome Search Bar available as Widgets on Android Phones.

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