Facebook Oculus Quest: The Best VR Headset at $400

Facebook has always been that giant in Social Media, right from the beginning. Recently, on the release of the Facebook Oculus Quest, Facebook is trying to dive into Augmented Reality [AR]. Now, this technology has also been integrated with Apple’s Devices like the iPads and iPhones. Facebook Oculus Quest integrates our hands into the VR system where you can see your Hands in-game and can use your hands to operate the gameplay or scene.

To be honest, this feature is really exciting due to the interaction with a virtual world using our real-life hands. This has been a seamless integration of the Virtual World with the Real-world and as always, everyone looks up to a new piece of tech as the next revolutionary product.

It uses four cameras inside the Facebook’s Oculus Quest and while they might not be the most complex camera system, they really are designed well to integrate all kinds of hand movements with finger sensing technology which determines even your fingers into the VR Gameplay or Scene.

Facebook Oculus Quest Gameplay Scene

Facebook Oculus Quest is the Best VR Headset that you can purchase, the hand integration into the Augmented Reality is awesome, which drives a connection between the Virtual World and the Real-World which is a great improvement with its four cameras.

Facebook has always been the gamechanger and now with their entry into the AR World with their Facebook Oculus Quest, more can be achieved by the customers at US$ 400, which is the price for purchasing this device. It has been a great product for purchasing this year. The hand movement captures were good and were a good feeling when you could touch the virtual world with your hands.

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