How to Defer Parsing of Javascript in WordPress

Website Loading times are a headache for bloggers. Especially if you have a lot of content on your website to manage.

How to Defer Parsing of Javascript in WordPress
How to Defer Parsing of Javascript in WordPress

However, with some smart ways like Deferring the Javascript Parsing, you might as well get a surprise drop in loading times. Let’s see how its done!

Why Should You Defer Parsing of JavaScript?

Deferring the Parsing of Javascript lets your server take less load and in turn, reduces the page load time. This actually makes your website rank in search results and also makes the site better for its users.

Now let’s see how to do it.

How to Defer Parsing of JavaScript in WordPress?

We will use a plugin to do this. This plugin is called Speed Booster Pack. Set up the Plugin by doing the following steps:

  • Go to Plugins -> Add New
  • Search for “Speed Booster Pack” and Install and Activate it
  • Go to Speed Booster from the sidebar of WordPress
  • Now, go to the Advanced Tab and Enable the Defer Parsing of JS Files option

Quick Note: Speed Booster Pack Plugin has something to do with the Elementor Page Builder Plugin. I used the plugin for some time and later had to face hours of enabling and disabling plugins to find out Speed Booster Pack was one of the culprits causing Elementor loading to fail.

This will activate the Defer Parsing of JS Files from the Plugin and should take effect on your website now.

Now, you can try running your website through GTMetrix or any page assessment tool to check its speed. You will come across better results.

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