4 Browsers that are Better than Google Chrome

Browsing the web has been a very regular habit of any mobile user. You probably open your browser each and every single day, maybe to check upon that definition which you’re not wanting to hunt out from a dictionary!

Is there a better browser than Chrome?

Yes! Absolutely! Especially the ones listed in this article, but Chrome has a lot of bugs/ads/other factors which might be important for you to consider before using it. Yes, it has many advantages but at some places, the below-listed browsers do the work of being better than Chrome.

Why you should not use Google Chrome?

In browsing the web, the first factor is to open a “Browser”, the app that you’ll use to fire up your websites and searches.
What’s the best browser available in the market, you ask? Well, of course! It’s Google Chrome!

That’s what 90% of the users will say, without considering the key factors that are important like better RAM Management, viewer’s Privacy, the amount of information transferred about the user to the website, which may be harmful in case of dangerous websites.

Some of these factors affect a lot of users on the internet.

What is the best alternative to Google Chrome?

The Best Browsers to use and the best alternatives to Google Chrome are listed below.

1. Cake Browser

People nowadays are always in a hurry. Also, their attention span has decreased drastically. We are always searching for an alternative that makes our work faster than the already fast previous version. This has been ever-improving and in the browsers’ lineup, Cake has brought a revolution. Yes, I said it’s a revolutionary browser. I’m using it on my phone from a good period of time now, and I’m in love with the swipe feature that adds ease of browsing with simple swipes, also minimizing the loading speeds a lot using its swipe feature.

It displays you the results along with the complete open webpages which leads to you deciding which website to open, a lot faster than any other browser. Its initial release was in 2018, it’s a new browser, already causing a lot of browsers to be uninstalled.

It is a lot more accessible than the other browsers and is available in different languages.

What is the safest browser to use?

Considering Brave Browser might be the best option for you if you’re in search of something safe.

2. Brave Browser

Brave Browser is one of the browsers that offer the Extensions, Compatibility with web pages, Syncing across Devices and Speed. If you were sticking around on Google Chrome because of any of the reasons I mentioned above, you should try Brave.

Brave has all the features that I’ve listed down which might be a reason for you to stick to Chrome. This browser helps the device manage RAM resulting in Web Pages not slowing down or putting a heavy load on the device. You can easily snap through the pages with minimal effort. The Brave Browser has been featured on the App Stores and has been putting in a great effort to make browsing better.

Brave includes an in-house Privacy Assurance which helps you browse the web without worrying about losing your personal identity to the web.

3. Mozilla Firefox

If you’re on the Internet, you’re sure to have heard about this browser, Mozilla Firefox. It is one of the fastest browsers in the market with Great Security & Privacy Controls built into it for the users to be assured about their safety online. It is not a browser launched recently, but, it has been there for a long time now. It has a very clean interface that is easily accessible and operable by the users.

It comes with many handy tools that you can implement to make your browsing a better experience. Like, when you open the menu, you can swap to the desktop version of the website, you can add the website to your reading list and this makes your website readable offline too, you can also scan QR codes to go to any website you want, using the QR code Scanner next to the Search Bar.

It comes with built-in Privacy controls, as I mentioned before. The Firefox browser comes with a “Private Mode” which is designed to protect your privacy when online.

There’s a version called “Firefox Focus” which is available on both Android and iOS which focuses on minimal features and increased protection of privacy. It provides a simple interface with the “Private Mode” feature available on Firefox.

4. Orfox Browser

OrFox Browser is developed from the Source Code of Mozilla Firefox and Tor Browser. This browser aims at establishing HTTPS Everywhere. This feature enables any website to serve its HTTPS Secure Protocol if it has one. OrFox has a “Private mode” too. This helps the user to disable every tracker and also, allows the user to clear their data when they leave.

You have features like switching to a desktop version of the site you’re on, disabling all trackers, etc.

OrFox has a cool feature of locking, this locks the browser resulting in protection of all your passwords that might go in the wrong hands.
OrFox recently has pushed some updates which have made the browser significantly fast, secure and more optimized. It is definitely a recommended browser for anyone having a lot of passwords stored on their browser.
These were the 4 browsers which I’d prefer while browsing, tell us your experience with any of these, or any browser you’ve used in the comments section below! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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