5+ Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2020 – Up To 95% OFF

Are you looking around for some good Black Friday Hosting Deals?

If you’ve been lurking around the internet community and social media posts, you will have come across the Black Friday. Basically, it’s a Friday where companies offer cheap web hosting deals to aspiring bloggers and even advanced bloggers and developers.

Black Friday Web Hosting Deals

If you want to use the web hosting that your favourite website uses, you can use this Free Hosting Checker tool to know which hosting your favourite website uses.

It is Black Friday and the best time to get web hosting deals for cheap and buy web hosting package. Let me tell you why.



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Black Friday has become a very well known name among tech enthusiasts nowadays. More so for the Blogging Community. Black Friday typically has a huge discount on Electronic Gadgets and Accessories. 

However, because Web Hosting and Domains are delivered online, there is not much hassle to anyone living in any part of the world to avail the Web Hosting Black Friday Offers and Deals.

These Black Friday Hosting Deals are going to blow your mind. Hosting companies provide these Black Friday Hosting Offers once in a while and when they do, they see a surge in sales, and pretty much everyone has a new blog. 

Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals Of 2020

So, if you’re thinking of starting a blog and don’t want to spend much because you’re starting out, I’d suggest you go with SiteGround Hosting (click here for SiteGround Black Friday Deal).

Otherwise, if you are already having a lot of traffic on your website and are looking for a different option to host your website during the Black Friday Hosting Offers, I would strongly suggest you go with Kinsta, a well known and popular web host among large-traffic websites (click here for Kinsta Hosting)

1. SiteGround: Grab 70% OFF on All Plans

Siteground Black Friday Deals

SiteGround is one of the best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers that are officially recommended by WordPress themselves.

This Blog is hosted on SiteGround. So if you’re willing to purchase a Hosting Account, you are more than welcome to move around our Blog and experience how the hosting is.

I was using another Hosting Provider before, which was not recommended by WordPress. I had some bad loading times even after optimising my WordPress website. When I moved to SiteGround, the loading times significantly lowered to what it is now.

Our GTMetrix Page Loading Time is 4.4 seconds, approximately 3 seconds lesser than the average 7.2 seconds industry loading time. If this doesn’t seem like a great deal to you, well there are search engines like Google waiting to put down your rank based on your page speed. 🙂

So, always keep in mind that there will be that one user of your website/blog who won’t like your website to load slowly and hence cause damage to your website in terms of ranking, engagement and several other factors.

Get SiteGround’s 70% Off Discount

2. BlueHost: Grab 75% OFF on All Plans

BlueHost is another officially recommended WordPress Hosting Provider and has several awards and recognitions. 

In my opinion, if you are just starting out your blog, simplicity should be what you should look for. As per me, the BlueHost Accounts are very easy to operate and they are very user-friendly with beginners.

You would want to get to know your environment before you start working vigorously towards growing your blog. In this case, I’d suggest you strongly to go with BlueHost.

BlueHost has a very good customer care system. They also have Live Chat Customer Care. I used it (in India) and was very satisfied with the results.

They do have a very good loading time, too. Just in case you’re wondering, you’ll be doing absolutely fine with Google rankings by using the speed that BlueHost has to offer.

BlueHost Black Friday Deals also cover a Free Domain with it, so make sure you don’t end up buying a domain before buying a hosting first.

Get BlueHost’s 75% Off Discount

3. HostGator: Grab 75% OFF on All Plans

HostGator Black Friday Deals

HostGator is a hosting provider of whom I am sure 90% of people reading this post now have heard of. It is a very popular hosting provider (and operating since a considerable amount of time) among developers and bloggers. Bloggers (especially new) flock to HostGator to run their blogs on HostGator.

HostGator’s hosting plans start at just about $2.75/month which is very affordable if you have a passion in blogging and want to make it big. They have their own website builder too which is pretty impressive.

The basic plan in HostGator is enough to start as a beginner and HostGator’s advantage is that you can scale your website according to the traffic you generate. They have cloud hosting too for the large sized websites. 

You can seamlessly upgrade and downgrade your hosting plans as per your requirement and without any hassle as everything is within the same hosting company.

HostGator Black Friday has been awesome. They have give out a discount at $2.75/month price, which is an amazing and mind blowing price among beginners for such a reliable and strong server.

Get HostGator’s 75% Off Discount

4. A2 Hosting: Grab 60% OFF on All Plans

a2 hosting black friday deals

A2 Hosting has been the hosting of choice for some of the top bloggers in the high-traffic category and has a good and feature rich set of functions available with their hosting accounts.

I have not personally used A2 Hosting Black Friday but have surely heard of some great reviews from my friends who have tried this out.

If you’re a little advanced and tech-savvy, I’d suggest you definitely go with a2 Hosting Black Friday deals as they are some of the best in this category.

Get A2 Hosting’s 60% Off Discount

5. Hostinger: Grab 50% OFF on All Plans

hostinger black friday deals

Hostinger is the web hosting provider for everyone. If you’ve been out on the hunt for affordable and strong Hosting Providers and you need one to support your online business/blog, Hostinger is the stop you’re coming to a halt at.

Hostinger has a 1st Class Customer Support and also provides scalable Hosting — which means you have no tension of high traffic. The motto is to have high traffic and peace of mind at the same time without worrying all day and waiting for your website to crash.

So, it’s time for you to move to Hostinger if you’re having such problems, especially during Hostinger Black Friday.

However, if you are just starting out, I think a basic web hosting should be fine for you unless your traffic explodes in 1 week of blogging — which is possible but in very rare cases. If you’re just starting out and know where your traffic is coming from, you should definitely go for Hostinger (for example, Clothing Line website for a famous Influencer). 

However, if you’re starting out and don’t know where you are going to get your traffic from, then you should go for a lower tier of WordPress Hosting which can handle all your basic needs.

Get Hostinger’s 50% Off Discount

Pro Deal: Kinsta Hosting

Although Kinsta is not offering Black Friday Hosting Deals (until now), but if you’re looking out to upgrade hosting plan, Kinsta would be the best solution for you.

Blogs like ShoutMeLoud.com are also hosted on Kinsta and are very efficient but very affordable if you look at their server specifications.

We suggest you to give a try at Kinsta Hosting if you want to get some very efficient performance for your existing audience.

Get Kinsta Hosting

Hosting FAQs

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is the process of hosting multiple websites on a shared server. Best for bloggers who are starting out and can get discounts in the black friday hosting deals.

What are Black Friday Hosting Deals?

Black Friday hosting deals are discounts offered by web hosting companies on Black Friday to help bloggers and customers get started on their journey by getting a significant discount on their hosting and domain plans.

Is WordPress good?

WordPress is a very good Content Management System (CMS) and is the most popular one powering about 30% of the whole internet.

Should I get a Hosting Plan in Black Friday Hosting Discounts?

You should definitely buy hosting in the time of Black Friday hosting deals if you’re planning to start a blog.

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