: How to Book your Complete Bhutan Tour

Bhutan Bookings is a well-established company in Bhutan and renowned for booking trips to Bhutan. We used to book our trip to Bhutan and it was seamless. Read on to know about our experience and how you should use it.


Bhutan Bookings is a website where you can book your trip to Bhutan, from Transport to Hotels, you can find everything in Bhutan Bookings. The way it presents the Hotel Booking procedure is very well managed online. You just have to put in your details, pay, and then you’re done! It is a collaboration between Bhutan’s Oldest Travel Company and an Indian Company focusing on trips to Bhutan.

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How to Book

The Booking procedure is made very simple by Bhutan Bookings. You just have to type in your hotel of choice, click on ‘Book’ and then enter the guests’ details in the specified fields below. Now, you’ll be redirected to the payment gateway for completing the payment. Your booking is now confirmed. You should receive an email in some time confirming your hotel booking. In the email, you’ll find all the relevant details that you need to present to the hotel upon check-in.

For transport (transfers) booking with, you can contact them personally too! For us, we were assisted by Akanksha, a very friendly person who helped us with every step of the booking and responded in time, even during the hours she wasn’t supposed to be at office! Our booking procedure was very smooth and we were assisted in every step. On completion of the plans, she sent us a link for Payment, we paid through ‘Stripe’, a renowned payment gateway around the world. You can contact them here or email them at

Our Experience

As I mentioned previously too, the booking process was seamless and we were assisted throughout the process. Our experience has been great so far with Bhutan Bookings. Their platform is very well managed and user-friendly. Customer support is also excellent. We enjoyed our booking through Bhutan Bookings and we completely recommend it to you to Plan your Dream Bhutan Vacation!

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