Best WordPress Hosting in 2020: Ultimate Guide to Hosting

Planning to Start a Blog? Hosting is one of the most important factors for Page Speed and Google Rankings. 

You’ve to be careful while selecting the Best WordPress Hosting as you might get into some cheap web hosts providing cheap hosting at a very low rate. 

However, after you sign up it turns out that the hosting is very slow and buggy leading you to lose website visitors. 

This is very demotivating as this is not your fault. Let’s have a look at the Best WordPress Hosting.

You get a lot of these in the market. However, they won’t do you good and would ultimately decrease your rankings. 

It might affect your search results adversely. 

Consider moving to a renowned hosting provider rather than going for shady ones.

WordPress Recommended Hosting

WordPress has officially recommended 3 hosts, out of which we are going to talk about two of them, BlueHost and SiteGround. 

According to my research, both of these perform really well for WordPress websites. or is basically the combination of the WordPress CMS and hosting. You don’t need to purchase a hosting separately. However, is what most bloggers use. This needs to be installed on a hosting that you purchase. 

Most Hosting Providers have the option to install WordPress automatically.

Best WordPress Hosting

We will talk about BlueHost and SiteGround today. Let’s start with BlueHost.

BlueHost Special Offer
SiteGround Special Offer


BlueHost has been there in the web hosting industry for a long time now and it is definitely a reliable choice in terms of uptime guarantee and page load times. 

You can check out BlueHost’s special offer for your website hosting here.


SiteGround is also recommended by WordPress officially and has been in the industry for a considerable period of time. 

If you want to start your blog, then you should consider using SiteGround as they have a lot of features like SEO tools, Page Speed tools, etc. to give a kickstart to your blog. 

Both BlueHost and SiteGround are my favourite and I’d recommend them anytime. 

You can use this Special Link from SiteGround to get a special offer for hosting your website/blog.

Why You Should Always Consider WordPress Recommended Hosting

WordPress is a big, no, HUGE company and has a very strong CMS which is used by almost 30% of the web. 

They provide regular updates to their CMS. 

Getting recommended as hosting by such a company is like getting recommended by the leader. 

So, you should always go for WordPress Recommended Hosting unless there’s a different case for your website/blog.

Does it matter who hosts your website?

Yes, it does matter. In fact, it matters a lot. If you're having a resource-heavy website and it is loading for ages, people don't usually like that and may bounce off resulting in a bad bounce rate and a worse traffic quality. Use BlueHost or SiteGround for a good hosting speed at the beginning.

Why Should You Choose SiteGround?

SiteGround has been renowned as the best WordPress hosting provider for beginners and mid-level bloggers. 

Of course, higher traffic would require dedicated servers but as a beginner, SiteGround is an amazing option to go for. 

You can even use this special link to get a special hosting discount at SiteGround.

Best Hosting - Conclusion

Congratulations! You have now Set up your Blog and Hosting. Go ahead and see what you’d want to write as your First Blog Post. 

If you are having trouble setting up your website, check out this tutorial which explains every step of your to-do list of creating a WordPress Website.

I’d recommend you to have a look at your Monetisation techniques like Affiliate Marketing, Advertising, etc. and have an idea about what it all works like. 

It’d be better if you’ll start implementing SEO from your first article itself.

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Thanks for reading 🙂


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