Best Alternatives to Google AdSense – Top AdSense Alternatives to Try Out in 2020

best google adsense alternatives
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Many of us have now “Evolved” as bloggers and want to expand our views by finding some Google AdSense Alternatives and increasing our revenue. So, let’s look at What are the best adsense alternatives. Make sure you check out my article on 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Google AdSense if you’re just starting out and would like to start with Google AdSense.

Which is the best AdSense alternative?

In case you’re wondering, my website currently (September, 2019) runs only on Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate completely due to peace of mind, ad network and targeting. However, I’ve tested out some of the best adsense alternatives and here’s the list of 5 adsense alternative that you should use.

1. is a similar service to Google AdSense and display contextual advertisements based on your Website/Blog’s Content. It also integrates with Yahoo!’s Bing Network to help you maximise your revenue. Sign up and Approval Process is quite simple and they guide you through the simple steps and you can get an approval for your site.

2. PopAds

PopAds is a popular service among publishers and it maintains certain categories of ad content that is restricted in Google AdSense. It can help you maximise your revenue for some websites that Google AdSense might reject the approval of. You can opt for PopAds in this case, which provides an easy integration, sign up, and approval process.

3. Amazon Associates [Affiliate Network]

Amazon Associate Program is different from Google AdSense but becoming an Affiliate will help you generate more revenue if you have an engaging audience. In Amazon Associates Program, you become an affiliate and Amazon is the Affiliate Network. Here, you are paid a commision when a user from your site makes a purchase on Amazon through your “Affiliate Link”. The commision rates can vary but whatever it is, it is a good amount to take back for your hard work on blogs/website.

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

AdSense payment varies from website to website and from channel to channel on Youtube. However, we cannot specify an amount as it can vary all the way from 1$ to 10$ or even higher or lower.

Thanks for reading this article, I wish you all the best for choosing an alternative to Google AdSense.
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