Apple iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro: Sold Out in China on Launch Day

Finally, iPhone 11 has hit the stores of China but, there were only a few people outside the store to get the new iPhone in contrast to the huge number of people who lined up in the previous years. But,, a Chinese E-Commerce website stated that the iPhones this year had gone up by 480% in sales volume than the iPhone X R Last Year. Which is analyzed by people as overall growth and a better-off start than their sales last year.

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The iPhones this year seem to have improved camera quality and night mode capabilities that pull customers to buy them. Read the new iOS 13’s awesome features. iPhone 11 Pro also has some cool new features that you can try out.

You can read the review and features of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro here.

Overall, they are some great phones which Apple and Apple Analysts are expecting Good Sales this year in contrast to the iPhones last year.

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