Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro : Release Date, Price, Camera, Features, etc. – All you need to know!

The Latest iPhones are out now after all the huge piles of rumors, we can now finally see what the company had for us. 

iPhone 11

Release Date 

Apple announced that the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max will be released on September 20. Pre-orders will start from September 13st at 5 a.m. PDT.


The iPhone 11 will retail for $699 (Approx. Rs. 50,000). The iPhone 11 Pro will retail for $999 (Approx. Rs. 70,000), and the 11 Pro Max will retail for $1,099 (Approx. Rs. 78,000). 
It is indeed still a high-priced phone that might be of concern to some people.
Apple made Trade-in options available at the event which lowered the iPhone costs significantly.

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The Camera has wide-angle and ultra-wide angle lenses, rather than wide and telephoto like many people had rumored before the launch. This feature gives users the ability to adjust the cropping and zooming after the photo is taken. 
QuickTake is a new video feature that makes it easier to take videos by long-pressing the camera button.

Video quality is in 4K quality at 60 fps, as well as slo-mo, time-lapse, and expanded dynamic range.

The front-facing camera has been updated to 12 MP now also with wide-angle selfie support when the phone is in the landscape. Also, you’ll be able to take 4K video at 60 fps, as well as slow-mo videos.
There’s also a new night mode that comes on automatically to brighten photos in low-light situations and reduces noise which was a much-needed feature on the iPhone. 
The iPhone 11 is powered by Apple’s new A13 Bionic chip, which is Apple’s fastest processor ever. Also, the iPhone 11 packs a one-hour-longer battery life than the previous version, iPhone XS.

iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max 


Apple has added the ultra-wide lens on both the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max too.

All you’ve to do is just zoom out to see more and take wider shots, from 0.5x to 2x.

The ultra-wide has an f/2.4 aperture with a 120-degree field of view which should be good in taking photos on your iPhone.

The telephoto and wide-angle lenses include 100% Focus Pixels. Night mode is also available on this device.

Apple is using computational photography to fuse photo data from all three lenses in order to improve image detail. As per the September Event Photos, the images looked quite detailed.

A technology called “Deep Fusion” combines nine images using neural network analysis on every single pixel which should drastically improve your photos.

Apple has upgraded the front camera with a 12-megapixel sensor too just like the iPhone 11. This camera is also wider so you can now rotate to landscape on the selfie camera. There is also slow-mo on the front camera for the first time on an iPhone.

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