Apple AirPods Pro: Rumours & Everything You Need To Know

Apple launched the new AirPods earlier this year, but that was only a minor upgrade for the iconic wireless earphones. AirPods 2 got a case that can be recharged wirelessly and a brand new chip, but the device still looks exactly as the first-gen model — both of them are available in stores. But Apple is also expected to release a brand new AirPods version later this year, on in early 2020, which we’ve been referring to as AirPods 3. A new story from China claims the actual name of Apple’s next-gen AirPods is AirPods Pro. The redesigned earphones are supposed to be even more expensive than AirPods 2 and might launch as soon as late October.

AirPods Pro Leaked Image Render

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The rumored timing of a late-October launch is a significant shift from the March 2020 time frame that has been previously suggested. Given how close we are to that time frame, we’re somewhat skeptical. Previously, there were multiple suggestions that Apple was planning a major Mac-oriented October event. This might have been a good opportunity to introduce the AirPods Pro, but now that event’s timing is being reconsidered given Apple’s tendency to issue press invites two weeks prior to its planned events — something which so far hasn’t happened.

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The AirPods Pro’s main new feature is supposed to be noise cancellation, the report notes, and the new pair of earphones might hit stores in time for the Christmas season. The Pro version would be even more costly than AirPods 2, the report said. AirPods Pro could cost as much as $260 in Taiwan — comparatively, the first- and second-gen AirPods are priced at $159 and $199 in the US.

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