Amazon Prime Movies: Worth It?

Amazon Prime is a very popular subscription wherein you get a lot of perks including faster delivery, free ad-free music, free movies included with Amazon Prime Movies and much more!

Let’s dive in and see, are Amazon Prime Movies worth it?

In comparison, the competitors to Amazon Prime Movies are mainly Netflix and YouTube. YouTube is such a large giant, and free for watching creator’s content is a different platform than Amazon Prime. Then what makes Amazon Prime unique?

Also, check out Apple Arcade!

Well, it is rather quite a simple answer, Amazon Prime subscription includes just too many things and once you’re in it, you’re in it! If you try using Amazon Prime, you’ll get exclusive access to deals rather than seeing empty stocks when the sale starts. Also, you’ll get access to Amazon Prime Movies, also including faster deliveries for your orders, which serves as one of the main reasons why I chose it.

On the other hand, NetFlix and YouTube are just video streaming platforms, which are only competitors to Amazon Prime Movies, not Amazon Prime subscription.

To conclude, in my opinion, I think you should go for the Amazon Prime Movies Subscription and have a try. It’ll definitely impress you!

Thanks for reading this article, I wish you the best for your new subscription. Do check out some other articles on our website here. I’d also be glad to know your comments, so go ahead!

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Rishav Kumar
Rishav Kumar

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