Alexa vs Google Home: Why Alexa is Better

If you have been considering to buy a Smart Speaker lately, you must have come across both these terms. Alexa and Google Home. Now, which one should you consider? Keep reading.

alexa vs google home
Alexa vs Google Home: Why Alexa is Better

Both Alexa and Google Home have undergone significant updates and are very efficient. However, to choose between only one of them, let me tell you that Amazon Alexa is the Prime Choice. I have it in my home, rooms, lights, everywhere.

Alexa vs Google Home

So, as I previously said, Alexa is a better choice than Google Home. However, it is still a difficult choice as both Google Home and Alexa have undergone several updates and are still being updated daily with tons of new features its hard to keep track of.

In this case, still, somehow I find that Google Assistant loses a bet in regards to being a Smart Voice Assistant.

True, both of these devices are capable of doing many things. But, Alexa is more natural and to me, a little better in recognizing voice and far-field voice control.

After all, Alexa also can be attached to your car, using Amazon Echo Auto. It is a great feature since everything is connected and the Alexa in your Car knows who you are from the Alexa in your Bedroom.


In terms of design, I must say I like both of them. Both Google Assitant and Alexa, I guess no one can differentiate them based on their design.

Both look premium and have a sober design adding to the glow of any room.

So, I won’t be able to compare them based on the design, Moreover, it is a personal choice different to everyone.

Sound Quality

Both Google Home and Alexa have a decent sound quality, not that you’d want to Buy Alexa or Buy Google Home for the sake of good sound.

What you can do is, hook up a cheap Amazon Echo Dot with an Awesome Speaker like the Bose Speakers.

Alternatively, You Should Consider This Bose Speaker with Built-in Alexa if you want the Best Sound Quality along with Alexa built-in.

Voice Assistant: Alexa vs Google Assistant

Alexa has been around for quite some time just like Google Assitant and both of them get daily updates adding tons of features every single day.

It’s difficult to compare both of them generally, but as a Home Speaker, I think that Alexa is a better option at this.

Controlling your home with Alexa is as simple as Google Home. But, with just a few add-ons to Alexa that makes the thing better.

Specifically, with the awesome built-in Far-field voice control, you’re able to control your living room Amazon Echo from the Kitchen, or the Bedroom. This feature has been enhanced in recent days and is still being improved.

Overall, I’m more into Alexa than Google Assistant.

Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini

Both of the devices are the ‘mini’ category of the speakers and both of them look awesome, of course.

These ‘mini’ category speakers are actually designed as an add-on to your main speaker (can be used individually too).

These speakers, even though advertised as ‘Mini’ speakers, have an immense capability.

My suggestion is if you’re trying to get into Buying Smart Appliances and Making your home smart, consider using Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot as these have excellent skills. After you get a gross idea of how these works, you can shop for other Smart Home Products on Amazon.

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