4 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Followers For Free | Instagram Followers Organic Growth Hack

Hey, are you on Instagram?! Yes? 

Usually, the second question that comes after this is :
Cool! How many followers have you got?
And, there you go. A 100 of ’em.
Not anymore, Read on to find out more about how can you grow your Instagram following for free, and organically, without any hacks.

1. Post Daily…or Regularly

The first and foremost thing of growing your following ANYWHERE is content. If you don’t have great content, no one is going to follow you. Post some good pictures of yours onto your feed. The magic starts here. You’ll notice a few people liking your pics whom you don’t know. These numbers gradually grow and grow to a large extent where you come to be known as a “Social Media Influencer”. Sounds Cool, Right?
So, make a fixed schedule when you will post a good picture on to your feed, either every day, or on a regular schedule. 

2. Use Hashtags

Tagging is one of the most effective way to describe your posts and let Instagram recommend it to other users on the basis of their interests, determined using Hashtags. Once you put in a hashtag in your caption, people who search for that hashtag, or have an interest in the topic the hashtag is on, will be recommended with your post. 

3. Have a Great Caption

Work out your caption that you want to use in the picture. Here is a list of 300+ great captions that you can use to organically attract followers.  Use these to caption your photos while uploading with some great hashtags. Your followers will like it, they’ll view your profile, and when they view your profile, they are sure to follow you when they see your great feed. In this way, you can easily attract organic followers. 

4. Have a Stunning Bio

When people come to your profile to follow your account, what they see usually is the bio, which includes who are you and about you. So, write a decent bio with a very very short introduction about you, what you do, etc. Make sure your account name is not fancy. Have a professional username and account name. For Example. @yourname. Not @i_your_name_boii. 
That’s it folks, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for reading this article. You can have a look at 300+ Captions that you should use on your Instagram.
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Good luck!

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