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Sharing the internet with people has always been a great feature of mobile devices. Today, I’ll cover some of my favorite Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps. Read on to know more about them.

1. WiFi Map

This is my favorite one, the map feature in this app is just awesome! The first and foremost useful feature is the VPN feature. That means you can safely connect with public Wi-Fi networks and hotspots without having to worry about any kind of attack on personal information. 
It comes with a list (that’s why, Wi-Fi Map) of Wi-Fi networks with their ID and passwords from around the world. 
To make it easier to find these hotspots, there is a handy map that loads offline too.
  • Offline maps
  • ID & password database
  • VPN
  • Monitor data usage
  • Speed test
  • Security test
    Download WiFi Map here: Available on iOS

    2. Speedify

    Using the channel bonding technology, Speedify will connect with more than one Wi-Fi network and use the fastest one to connect to the Internet. That means you will receive the best bandwidth always. You will be protected against cyber attacks that are so commonly carried out by hackers via public Wi-Fi hotspots if you’re using the VPN. 
    • VPN protects against attacks on Public Wi-Fis
    • Saves the bandwidth
    • Reliability on Connection
    Download Speedify here: Available on iOS

    2. OpenSignal

    Open Signal is an open-source app designed to search for the best signal. The OpenSignal Community is very active.
    Here, you can also scan for hotspots in the area. 
    You can check your network speed in this app too.
    All the cell towers of available telecom companies have been plotted a map that opens in Google or Apple Maps (as per your default Map App setting). You can view the location of these towers and hotspots on the map, or simply follow the circle. 
    • Provides Locations of Towers using Google Maps / Apple Maps
    • You can check locations of Hotspots
    • You can check the Network Speed
    • It supports Google Maps
      Download OpenSignal here: Available on iOS
      We are not able to share any Wi-Fi Hotspot while using VPN on iOS due to restrictions placed on the software by Apple. Hence, these apps are very useful for maintaining safety while on any other network.
      Thanks for reading this post, do let us know in the comments section below if you have any other app in mind that you’re using and would like to recommend it to us.

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