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Hey, I’m Rishav! I’m Obsessed with Travelling, Technology, Meeting New People and getting lost amidst beautiful countries out there! I’ve a Blog, which you can explore on this website, and if you’re interested in Travelling and Latest Tech, you’re at the right place.

I hope, with the help of this blog, you get some inspiration (and Pro Tips) to go and chase your own adventures and dreams.

RishavApps.com is a Blog where you’ll get to know about different interests in life, be it Travel, Technology, or even any Healthcare advice you’d want.

It also features Articles on Food, Cooking, Restaurants, How-To, Entertainment, Movies, etc, basically everything you need.

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Travel & Me

Talking about Travels, I was and Still am a Travel Bug. I love to travel places I’ve never been to and meeting new people, understanding their culture and experiencing places very closely. I’ve been to many places and I always plan to help people with all the knowledge I have to go about the world.

To your right, you see me at Punakha, Bhutan. In this place, I felt very close to nature and the atmosphere was very clean. The sky was beautiful, too. I spent time travelling around the country and stayed for 7 days. I have blogged about my experience at Bhutan and what you can do to make your trip to the same place, much better.

I’m still visiting many places and would love to share my knowledge with you on various topics which I’m passionate about, like Technology and Travel.

Rishav Kumar

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